Two Minute Fix


Two Minute Fix

Automatically fix, protect, monitor, and optimize your computer every two minutes for only a few bucks a month.

Two Minute Fix

What is the Two Minute Fix

Residential and Business Automatic PC Fix

Provides automatic, always running in the background, fixes for over 100 issues seen commonly by Tates PC. Additionally, it offers 1-click fix solutions for pesky internet browser and network issues. The Two Minute Fix is an industry leading automation tool with ongoing repairs and optimizations designed to enhance users and/or technicians with resolving issues faster than ever before.

Once completed, the tool configures your system with enterprise level Antivirus (BitDefender AV or BitDefender Enterprise Security Tools), Software and Hardware monitoring, remote threat alerting, and remote support by Tates PC with HIPAA compliancy available. Additionally, Data Backup is available for a complete solution by a single provider. Tates PC is a Microsoft Partner based in the United States.

  • Two Minute Fixes
    • Browers
      • Reset Google Chrome without losing Favorites!
      • Secure Google Chrome from unwanted changes!
      • Reset Microsoft Edge without losing Favorites!
      • Reset FireFox without losing Favorites!
      • Reset Internet Explorer without losing Favorites!
    • System Tools
      • Network Reset
        • Automatically repairs invalid IP issues
        • Automatically repairs invalid DNS issues
        • Automatically repairs incorrect Gateway issues
        • Automatically repairs incorrectly leased IP issues
        • Automatically repairs network interface issues
        • Automatically repairs winsock issues
      • Print Queue repair
      • Application/file icons repair
      • Windows 10 OS corruption repair
      • Windows 7 OS corruption repair
  • Software Installers
    Safely install the most common applications on your system, for no additional cost, without the fear of a virus!
    • Adobe® Acrobat Reader® DC Software
    • Adobe® Flash® Player
    • Adobe® AIR® Runtime
    • Google® Chrome™
    • Apache® Open Office™
  • Automatically manages Windows Updates
    • Automatically rejects unwanted system updates
    • Automatically accepts required/critical/important system updates
    • Provides logged-in users the control, through prompt, when they log out to install updates!
  • Automatic User permissions fixes
  • Automatic Registry permissions fixes
  • Automatic Windows Search optimization
    • Disables Cortana's indexing of your search files increasing speed and responsiveness of locating your files.
  • Automatic/Ongoing weekly AppData and file cleanup
  • Automatic/Ongoing active defense against hackers
  • Automatic/Ongoing daily optimizations
  • Automatic/Ongoing active defense against viruses
  • Automatic/Ongoing up-to-the-minute device health monitoring
  • and more!!!

Two Minute Fix

Business Coverage

And what we won’t do

Our Business-Grade Subscriptions (selected during signup as “Business”) also enjoy:

    Enterprise Dashboard
  • Splashtop 1-Click Connect & Remote Access with Remote Printing†
  • Live Endpoint Reporting
  • Live endpoint status
  • 24/7 alerting to Tates PC for any system issues.
  • Ongoing alerts for critical issues and downtime monitoring available
  • Weekly or Monthly reporting for your monitored computers and/or network monitored systems, activity reporting, and current Antivirus status.
    Enterprise Backup
  • Backups occur multiple times a day for better backup protection
  • Remote access to file recovery on any internet-connected computer in the world.*
  • Ransomware protection*
  • 256-Bit AES Encryption*
†May require additional setup in the “Splashtop Streamer” application installed on the endpoint.
*Optional, requires additional setup (not setup by default) and should be requested by the client.

    Residential & Business users, please note our list of can’t or won’t do:
  • Cannot repair physically failed systems. It can alert us to many failures and we do provide backup options!
  • Cannot repair or protect against power surges. However, we do have uptime monitoring available for business grade subscriptions!
  • Cannot manage networked or external endpoints. However, we do resolve many issues with a computer’s network connection through our user-initiated repairs!
  • Will not modify files the original user does not have access to. However, we can restore permission to many files/folders that were hijacked by a virus!
  • Will not reset passwords to new endpoints in order to provide access to secured files or accounts. At no point will we do this due to the potential security risk this can create if the system was stolen. We can easily reset passwords to any accounts our software was running on; however, we require the owner of the computer to submit this request in writing, via our support system, and we do a hard reset (which will immediately and permemnently remove access to that user’s encrypted files).
  • Will not remove potentially unwanted files that are deemed potentially wanted and useful. However, we provide you the tools to reset and clean unwanted programs from your browsers! This is an important step to ensuring the automation isn’t overly aggresive and doesn’t block wanted 3rd party software.
  • Will not block the user from having complete control and ownership of their device. You can always easily uninstall and/or cancel service at any point.**
  • Will not create unsecure “back-door access” to your system. However, we do provide a secure-encrypted connection, through TeamViewer Unattended Access, offering on-demand remote support when necessary. We also have session-based secured access from Splashtop for Business users to get remote access to their own endpoints that can occasionally be used by Tates PC for support, when absolutely necessary and requested by the end user.
**Optional, with fully managed BitDefender Antivirus an uninstall password may be required to remove the antivirus protection. If this is requested by the end user the password will be provided at the time of setup.